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About Us

Our mission is to GUIDE our clients to take control of their health and physical, emotional, and spiritual healing with focused teaching on achieving wellness with diet and nutrition combined with natural plant based therapies including hemp and medical cannabis.

Our primary goal is to EDUCATE our clients in the areas of Autoimmune Protocol Gut Health and Plant Based Therapies. Achieving overall health and healing begins IN the gut. We focus on educating patients and the public about gut health and supplementing our Endocannabinoid System with nutrition and plant therapies.

We also seek to educate patients – as well as the general public and lawmakers – on Hemp and Medical Cannabis with factual information and not false social assumptions and misinformation. We teach on the history of cannabis, its prohibition, its many medicinal uses, Christianity and cannabis, as well as coach patients in methodology and micro-dosing. We educate on cannabis abuse, misuse, and patient safety.

Our secondary goal is to LEAD the cannabis industry on a road to redemption. First, by providing education to the whole public about cannabis by exposing the truth about the plant and how God designed it. Secondly, educating within the industry by providing training for the owners and staff of medical cannabis dispensaries. And finally, by working with lawmakers and other government authorities, to build a medical cannabis program that is focused on patient health, physician training and education, and public safety.

Why Choose Hawkeye Consulting

Reliable Team

The staff at Hawkeye Consulting is committed to providing you with an easy, safe and comfortable way to get your Medical Card.


We are Medical Cannabis Industry and Patient Advocates, we work with legislators on Patient Rights and Protection and we stay on top of OMMA rules and regulations.

Medical Card Help

We are here with you for the long haul. After you receive your card, our Patient Advisor can work with you to formulate a treatment plan, educate you on medical cannabis, work with you on dosing, methods and provide a dispensary tour to discuss all medical cannabis options available to you. Appointment meetings are available in person or virtual.

OMMA Focused

Our founder, Jennifer Hawkins, is the OK4U Approved Executive Board Patient Director and is working diligently to keep the focus of the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Industry on Patient Needs, Rights and Access to Safe and Top Quality Medication because without Patients, Oklahoma doesn’t have a Medical Cannabis Industry.

About Jennifer Hawkins

Jennifer Hawkins of Hawkeye Consulting Services LLC is a pioneer in Christian Cannabis Consulting. Get to know our founder Jennifer…

I am a child of God. I am a wife to Kent and mother to Skyler, Patrick, Joshua, Mallory, and my bonus daughter, Mary. I am a medical marijuana patient with a passion for helping people learn how to feel well. God has given me a love for people and I believe there is good in most. My love for Christ and family is a devotion I take seriously. We are a quirky family and we love to laugh!! I have a theory that smiling is free and humans should do it more! I’ve spent a lifetime raising kids and honestly it was over way too soon. My mid-life changes may look odd to others but God took me by the hand and walked me down the middle of this road! By faith I followed. By faith I am walking upright with my head held high. This journey will continue for generations because God said move and I obeyed. I am not a survivor of my transgressions, instead, He made me a warrior.