So today I turn 45. I guess I’m “officially” considered middle-aged. I’m not sure yet if I accept that term or not. Maybe we will approach that later… maybe not! First of all, it makes me think of and miss terribly, my momma. She left this earth a few years ago and I don’t miss her any day of the year any more than today. She’s the one God chose to put me on this earth. She was entrusted with that. My momma. Goodness, I do miss her. 

I used to send her flowers and a gift every year on October 1. She did all the work! She was my hippie momma and I loved her with all my heart!! But on this day I really really miss her! 

Today also makes me think of Mary, the mother of Jesus. How crazy that whole virgin birth situation must have been! She was ridiculed repeatedly. But she knew…She knew the truth. I often wonder if Mary knew exactly who she was carrying inside her womb… Could she imagine the greatness that would behold??! Mary may have known. She may have dreamed of a completely different life for her child.

But God knew… just like he knows your heart and your hopes for your children. Birthdays are special days because God is the one true CREATOR. Birthdays are proof of that year after year. Don’t take them for granted!! 

Thank you Jesus for the opportunity for another year of devotion and work for YOU! My one true King. 

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