Older Generation Is Turning to Medicinal Cannabis

With the recent developments in the opioid industry,  It seems like more and more of our older generation is turning towards Medicinal Cannabis. I’ve noticed that they are scared out of their minds to ask anyone about this. Scared of their doctors and other healthcare professionals, scared of their families …this can change. We have the responsibility to open the conversation.  Dialog about the subject of medicinal marijuana is pretty easy. Just ask. Just talk. Just tell.

The day I went to Moore Oklahoma to apply for my medicinal cannabis patient card, I was literally sick to my stomach. I didn’t want a label put on me so I had already made up my mind this would always be a secret. As I walked into the clinic, a nursing home van pulled up and I had the pleasure of helping three ladies, 30plus years my elder, enter the clinic ahead of me. They were all there to apply for their patient card. Just as I was. I have not looked back from that very day. 

Our elder community needs help. They need to know it’s okay to want this. Talk to your family. Allow them to get the help they need. Tell someone you love that it is okay to trust this process. 

Photo by Esteban Lopez on Unsplash