The Golden Rule

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. 

I expect people to be like me. I like people and it’s often shocking to me to be treated rudely by another human. I mean seriously we need to be better humans. God created us, the humans, to be in balance with every living thing. The Book of Genesis talks through step by step as to how God created our very existence. He put us in it. Not the other way around. The heavens and earth were here before the humans. Do you see trees and plants being rude? Nope! Do you see animals being rude? Nope! Just us humans.  I don’t like to talk about being sad, but today I am.  Someone was rude to me..they intentionally went out of their way to be rude…just downright hateful. I don’t understand that and it makes my heart heavy. I will try to use this uncomfortable experience for God’s glory…tomorrow.  But today…I’m just sad when I think about humanity and how we are just terrible stewards of what God has LOANED us. Be nice my friends. Just treat everyone like one of God’s creations.