Vote, Voting, Voted!

On June 26th in 2018 Oklahomans came together at the voting polls to pass State Question 788 which gave us the Medical Marijuana program we have today. Now, nearly four years later, it is time for Oklahomans to come together again, this time to save our medical program. State Questions 818 and 819 protect the patient rights as established in SQ 788 with SQ 819 extending those rights to create a Recreational program. Vote YES on SQ 818 and SQ 819 and vote NO on SQ 820. Here is a further breakdown on the State Questions that will be on the ballot on June 28th 2022.

SQ 818

State Question 818, or SQ 818, is a constitutional measure; meaning it is amendable by the legislature as specified by SQ 818. The proposal of SQ 818 is for Medical Marijuana; this differs from SQ 788 as it was a statutory measure. Note: Constitutional measures overrule statutory measures. If SQ 818 passes, it will override SQ 788 and any changes made since the passing of SQ 788. For any changes to be made by SQ 818 it would require a vote by the people as it is a constitutional measure. The enactment timeline for SQ 818 phases in over the course of one year. Patient rights begin the day of passage and SQ 818 creates benefits for the industry, requires financial transparency, and an audit of the program. Additionally, OMMA will become the Oklahoma State Cannabis Commission also in the course of one year. As far as product sales go, SQ 818 is for Medical Marijuana only. This measure would allow for license reciprocity with other state’s MMJ card holders. It also allows all legal US residents to obtain an Oklahoma patient license. The license requirement for a commercial license is a $2500 license fee and no limit on licenses as written in SQ 788. The product tax retains the 7% excise tax on MMJ as written in SQ 788. Regulatory requirements will work with existing regulations and modifies requirements for product testing and tracking.


SQ 819

State Question 819, or SQ 819, is a constitutional measure; meaning it is amendable by the legislature as specified by SQ 819. The proposal of SQ 819 is for Recreational Marijuana for ages 21 and over. The enactment timeline for SQ 819 phases in over the course of one year. Individual rights begin on the day of passage and SQ 819 creates benefits for the industry as a whole. Additionally, it will phase out the 7% excise tax on Medical Marijuana which should happen over the course of one year. With regards to product sales, recreational sales begin 60 days from passage. Medical and recreational sales are separated at time of payment by either a medical license for the medical tax rate or a state/federal ID for the recreational tax rate. The license requirement is a single license system, with no additional license cost. All current MMJ commercial license holders are automatically licensed for recreational sales. Future licenses are one for both MMJ and recreational products. There is no limit on licenses as written in SQ 788. As far as product tax goes, SQ 819 creates a 15% state excise tax on recreational sales. This 15% tax rate could be lowered, but not raised by the legislature. It also creates a 3% wholesale tax on future export sales and additionally, it eliminates the 7% excise tax on Medical Marijuana. The regulatory requirements are that it works with the existing regulations and tracks future regulation to those of the MMJ program. Essentially, SQ 818 constitutionally protects medical patient’s rights and SQ 819 constitutionally protects those same rights and actually goes one step further and adds a recreational program that turns the taxes onto recreational and removes them from the medical program.


SQ 820

State Question 820, or SQ 820, is a statutory measure; meaning it is amendable or erasable by the legislature, like SQ 788. The proposal of SQ 820 is for Recreational Marijuana for ages 21 and over. The enactment timeline is to be determined. SQ 820 becomes law 90 days from passage. From that date, OMMA is given 90 days to issue rules and begin accepting commercial license applications. As a statutory measure, the legislation has total authority to modify the enactment timeline. The timeline for product sales is also to be determined. As written, OMMA would be required to begin accepting applications for recreational licenses. There is currently no limit placed on the time that OMMA has to issue licenses. Sales would begin once a license has been issued. The license requirement would be for a dual license system; $2500 license fee for recreational commercial license, in addition to the current cost for a commercial Medical Marijuana license. SQ 820 also allows for up to $2500 application fee in addition to the license fee. For the first 2 years from enactment, MMJ licenses that have been in effect for more than one year may apply for a recreational license. There is no limit on licenses as written in SQ 788. The product tax is also to be determined but SQ 820 creates a 15% excise tax on recreational sales. This 15% rate can be raised or lowered by the legislature. SQ 820 also retains the 7% excise tax on Medical Marijuana as written in SQ 788. As for regulatory requirements, SQ 820 requires OMMA to produce and maintain a separate set of regulations for Recreational and Medical Marijuana. Note: constitutional measures overrule statutory measures. If both SQ819 and SQ820 pass, the law of SQ819 will override SQ820 where there is a conflict in language.

More Resources

Keep up with Oklahomans for Responsible Cannabis Action (ORCA) by following their Facebook page or by checking out their website!

If you are in Northwest Oklahoma and are interested in signing the petition to save our Medical Program and create a prudent Recreational Program, here are the locations that have petitions available for you to sign!

  • Hawkeye Consulting @ 109 E Broadway St Leedey OK 73654
  • Cimarron Pharma @ 120 East HWY 54 Guymon OK 73942
  • Kush Gardens – Guymon @ 1315 NE HWY 54 Guymon OK 73942
  • Mary Janes @ 2927 US 54 Guymon OK 73942
  • Two Ts Trees @ 721 HWY 54 Hooker OK 73945
  • Alternative Cures @ 3611 Williams Ave Woodward OK 73801
  • Lucky Monkey Buds – Woodward @ 1212 1st Street Woodward OK 73801
  • Lucky Monkey Buds – Clinton @ 1740 Suite A S HWY Clinton OK 73601
  • Cody’s Cannabis @ 1750 US-183 HWY Clinton OK 73601
  • The Dank Tank @ 701 N 4th Weatherford OK 73096
  • Good Medicine @ 4200 Carriage Way Weatherford OK 73096
  • Releaf Resolutions @ 1021 E Davis Weatherford OK 73096

Join Us at The Well

Back in February, we shared Hawkeye Relief as one of several new endeavors here at Hawkeye Consulting and we are so excited to share another of our exciting new adventures! We have finally opened The Well Nutrition – a nutrition club based out of Northwest Oklahoma where we serve healthy drinks and nutritious snacks to help people meet their health goals. We will also be introducing Kayla Lively – a health coach who is based out of Northwest Oklahoma and we are so excited to be working with!


The Well Nutrition

The Well Nutrition is located in Leedey, Oklahoma and is the newest small business opened by Jennifer Hawkins and Jodi Mann. It is a nutrition club where they serve energy teas, nutritious shakes, and other healthy snacks. The shakes can even be used as a meal-replacement or just for a high-protein snack. While we can’t post our menu online, you can stop by in-person to see what all we have to offer!



Meet the Health Coach

Kayla Lively is originally from Tahlequah, OK and has been interested in holistic medicine and food as medicine for close to 10 years; when she realized that food could fix the stomach issues that she has dealt with her entire life. It is a topic she has always stayed read up on and connected with. She was a hairdresser in Oklahoma City, until she moved to Sharon, OK where her husband, Dillon, is originally from – that’s when health became a huge focus in her life as well as her desire to help people achieve true wellness. Kayla puts together 1:1 coaching programs for clients; which she really likes because she can customize the program for them, since each person is different! She is currently offering a Sleep Health program and is excited about The Well Nutrition club because she will be able to work the products offered there into people’s programs. She is offering free Discovery Calls to chat with anyone interested in working with her and those are available virtually to anyone, anywhere. All of her coaching is able to be done through email and Zoom and she also utilizes a video chat app called Marco Polo.


What Now?

Stop by The Well Nutrition located at 111 E Broadway St Leedey OK 73654

Call The Well Nutrition at: (580) 940-0707

Keep up with us on social media by following The Well on Facebook and The Well on TikTok!


Get connected with Kayla Lively, the Health Coach by checking out her website, following her on Facebook or Instagram, or you can contact her by email at!

What Can Frankincense Do For You?

In a previous blog, we defined Plant-Based Therapies and explained that it is not simply the use of the Cannabis plant, but in fact, the use of all plants. The plants you choose to incorporate into your health journey are what provide the natural resources that feed and drive the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The natural resource we are talking about this week is frankincense! It has been used as an aromatic perfume for thousands of years, but also has been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. Frankincense has a fragrant, earthy, musty smell and it can be inhaled, absorbed through the skin, or even taken as a supplement.

Earliest Uses

The oldest known reference of Frankincense is within the Egyptian Ebers Papyrus dated back to 1500 BC and the resin was prescribed as a use for throat infections and asthmatic attacks.1 And there are numerous references throughout the Bible in both the Old and New Testaments, but look at Matthew 2:11, “And they came into the house and saw the Child with Mary His mother; and they fell down and worshiped Him; and opening their treasures they presented to Him gifts of gold and frankincense and myrrh.”2 While Frankincense possesses a variety of purposes, not only historically, but in modern times as well, we are focusing on the medicinal qualities it contains.

Benefits of Frankincense

Frankincense’s anti-inflammatory properties may help reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis and potentially rheumatoid arthritis. These same anti-inflammatory properties may also help your gut health and create balance.  This may in turn reduce symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and ulcerative colitis by reducing the inflammation in your gut.3 As it was used in traditional methods, modern science is learning that frankincense not only may relieve asthma symptoms but also reduce the amount of asthma medication needed. Terpenes, including boswellic acid, provide the greatest anti-inflammatory compounds inside frankincense.

The boswellic acid provided by frankincense presents itself to have strong antibacterial properties, which could improve oral hygiene and prevent gum disease. Studies are also suggesting that boswellic acid might prevent cancer cells and tumors from spreading; giving frankincense anticancer qualities.

Terpenes in Frankincense

Frankincense’s terpene profile includes α-pinene, α-amyrin, β-amyrin, β-phellandrene, camphene4 and boswellic acid. Boswellic acid has already been discussed but let’s look closer at some of the other terpenes. α-pinene has anti-inflammatory properties, is a bronchodilator, provides asthma relief, and aids memory. Camphene is an anti-oxidant and provides pain relief.5 β-amyrin has anti-nociceptive, gastroprotective, hepatoprotective, and anti-inflammatory qualities.6

Where to Find Frankincense

Frankincense is available in UltraCür® Advanced – The Power of Three which is the newest formulation from UltraBotanica! It is the first US product that has their professional grade LPS curcumin that is non-dairy. UltraCür® Advanced – The Power of Three features dairy free, clinical strength LPS (Liquid Protein Scaffold) UltraCür®, a new material called UltraClaw (an LPS devils claw extract, widely studied for its benefits in balancing inflammation), and pure Boswellia (frankincense). These 3 powerful balancers of inflammation in one capsule utilizing our patented LPS technology. Click here to order UltraCür® Advanced – The Power of Three


Frankincense is also used in our proprietary blend of essential oils for our very own Hawkeye Relief Pain Stick! It helps to provide rapid relief for inflammation, stiffness, muscle recovery, dry/cracked skin and so much more. Hawkeye Relief is a potent, fast-acting, and soothing formula specially designed for immediate and long-lasting relief. Click here to order a Hawkeye Relief Pain Stick or call (301) 778-4295 for any questions you may have!



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Source 2: New American Standard Bible (NASB)

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Patient Care Consultation

After receiving your Oklahoma MMJ Card in the mail, you might be thinking that’s great, but what now? Well now you can legally medicate in Oklahoma! But if you’re not sure how to legally medicate, or where to even get started, you might be in need of a Patient Care Consultation. A Patient Care Consultation is for new medical cannabis patients that are struggling to find their way in the Medical Cannabis market. A Patient Advisor will help guide patients on their journey with Medical Cannabis and are working to bridge the gap between patients and their medicine. They will work with Patients to formulate a health plan, educate on Medical Cannabis, work with patients on dosing, methods, and discuss all Medical Cannabis options available; as well as, answer questions and address the patient’s concerns.


Patient Advisor – Jennifer Hawkins

At Hawkeye Consulting, Patient Advising is the heart of what we do – Jennifer is amazing at helping Medical Cannabis Patients get started on their journey to health and healing. Our Patient Advisor, Jennifer Hawkins, has a heart for Medical Cannabis Patients. As a Hawkeye Patient, you can expect to be treated with love, respect, acceptance, and your privacy will be a priority.


Your Patient Care Consultation Appointment

After scheduling your appointment, Jennifer will work with you to create a treatment plan to address your health concerns. It will include information about nutrition, methods, dosing, providing a dispensary tour while discussing all available options, answer all your questions, and address any of your concerns.


How to Book a Patient Care Consultation

Reach out to our patient line at (301) 778-4295 [you can call or text] and ask to book a Patient Care Consultation. You will receive a $35 invoice and then once it is paid, we can schedule your appointment for the Patient Care Consultation!


Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

It’s Time to Talk about Turmeric

What does plant-based therapies mean to you? We define plant-based therapies as simply adding in the use of natural medicines derived from plants to treat and/or supplement treatments for health conditions. Every plant on this Earth potentially has benefits to our health. Turmeric for example, is a common household spice but many are unaware of the health benefits it can provide. This article states that one study found taking turmeric extract three times daily was comparable to taking a 1,200mg dose of Ibuprofen daily—and we will add, without all the harmful side effects that would come along with taking that high of a dose of Ibuprofen every day! Curcumin is the main active component in Turmeric, has anti-inflammatory properties, and is what gives the spice its recognizable yellow color. Curcumin may also reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels, symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, and have an effect of Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, depression, and diabetes.


This leads us to talk about our favorite plant therapy—UltraCür®, a product (and which became the base for several other products) created by the research-driven company, UltraBotanica out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma! UltraCür® employs a patent pending technology for driving curcumin into the bloodstream rapidly and at unprecedented levels. UltraCür® employs Liquid Protein Scaffold LPS technology to enable the absorption of molecular curcumin into your body. This is the most effective delivery method of turmeric available on their market because of how quickly it absorbs into your bloodstream is made possible by their patented technology.

UltraCür® Caps Clinical Potency Curcumin

The original UltraCür® Curcumin is the curcumin you can feel due to the 20-minute fast absorption rate. With high levels of curcuminoids, each capsule contains 600mg of the protein-curcumin complex; with Whey Protein Isolate (WPI). UltraCür® Cap Clinical Potency Curcumin benefits:

  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Heart Health
  • Joint and Connective Tissue Support
  • Brain Health
  • Nerve and Liver Function Support
  • Immune System Health
  • Natural Pain Relief
  • Joint Support

UltraHemp– UltraCür® Enhanced with Hemp

As mentioned earlier in the article, UltraCür® is the base for a few of UltraBotanica’s products including UltraHemp™. However the difference between UltraCür® and UltraHemp is the addition of 5.0mg of Full Spectrum Hemp Cyro Extracted cannabinoids per capsule. This provides a double boost of inflammation support through the Curcurmin and Hemp—both of which are known for their anti-inflammatory properties. UltraHemp utilizes protein to provide the highest bioavailability of curcumin. UltraHemp—UltraCür® Enhanced with Hemp benefits:

  • Enhances cellular resistance to oxidative damage

  • Protects against DNA damage to neutralize aging and stress-related toxicity
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
UltraCür® Advanced – The Power of Three

UltraCür® Advanced is the newest formulation from UltraBotanica leveraging the POWER of THREE. It is the first US product that has our professional grade LPS curcumin that is non-dairy! UltraCür® Advanced features dairy free, clinical strength LPS (Liquid Protein Scaffold) UltraCür®, a new material called UltraClaw (an LPS devils claw extract, widely studied for its benefits in balancing inflammation), and pure Boswellia (frankincense). These 3 powerful balancers of inflammation in one capsule utilizing our patented LPS technology.


How to Buy UltraCür®

All of the UltraBotanica UltraCür® products mentioned in this blog are available for purchase in the Products section of the website!