The question is: do you know what is causing this response?


The answer to that question is likely your diet!  Eating high-fat, high-sugar, and highly processed foods are thought to be linked to inflammation, which might set off an immune response.  There is much study of the link between gut health and autoimmune responses and what you eat has everything to do with gut health.


So whether you are dealing with an autoimmune disease or immune/inflammatory responses in which your body is just trying to protect you; find out what it is your body is trying to protect you from.  What is causing the battle inside you?  Do better at answering questions and seeking answers about your health and symptoms you are experiencing and you will be more likely to achieve your 2022 health goals.


If you do have an AI disease; unfortunately, there is no known cure… But for most, there is a way to either control or lessen the symptoms and in some cases there is remission.  There are some diseases in which pharmaceutical meds are available to help and with others, the only thing that can be done is to change your diet.  However, a diet change leading to good GUT health would likely make a difference for all.  


For those of you experiencing normal immune/inflammatory responses, find out what is going on! Don’t just throw over-the-counter or prescription meds at it! If you often experience acid reflux, find out why!!! Don’t just take an antacid, mask the symptoms, and be done with it. Your body is telling you something, please listen.  Why is acid moving into your esophagus? The acid will damage the cells in your esophagus and damaged cells can cause other problems or even become cancerous. It is better to find the source and not just put a mask on the problem.  


Focus On Gut Health

Study after study links gut health to cognitive function, behavior, appetite, metabolism, immunity, and digestive health (the list goes on).  Diet change and a healthy GUT WILL make a difference for all!  A GUT reset will help relieve or reduce inflammatory and immune responses.



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