Back in February, we shared Hawkeye Relief as one of several new endeavors here at Hawkeye Consulting and we are so excited to share another of our exciting new adventures! We have finally opened The Well Nutrition – a nutrition club based out of Northwest Oklahoma where we serve healthy drinks and nutritious snacks to help people meet their health goals. We will also be introducing Kayla Lively – a health coach who is based out of Northwest Oklahoma and we are so excited to be working with!


The Well Nutrition

The Well Nutrition is located in Leedey, Oklahoma and is the newest small business opened by Jennifer Hawkins and Jodi Mann. It is a nutrition club where they serve energy teas, nutritious shakes, and other healthy snacks. The shakes can even be used as a meal-replacement or just for a high-protein snack. While we can’t post our menu online, you can stop by in-person to see what all we have to offer!



Meet the Health Coach

Kayla Lively is originally from Tahlequah, OK and has been interested in holistic medicine and food as medicine for close to 10 years; when she realized that food could fix the stomach issues that she has dealt with her entire life. It is a topic she has always stayed read up on and connected with. She was a hairdresser in Oklahoma City, until she moved to Sharon, OK where her husband, Dillon, is originally from – that’s when health became a huge focus in her life as well as her desire to help people achieve true wellness. Kayla puts together 1:1 coaching programs for clients; which she really likes because she can customize the program for them, since each person is different! She is currently offering a Sleep Health program and is excited about The Well Nutrition club because she will be able to work the products offered there into people’s programs. She is offering free Discovery Calls to chat with anyone interested in working with her and those are available virtually to anyone, anywhere. All of her coaching is able to be done through email and Zoom and she also utilizes a video chat app called Marco Polo.


What Now?

Stop by The Well Nutrition located at 111 E Broadway St Leedey OK 73654

Call The Well Nutrition at: (580) 940-0707

Keep up with us on social media by following The Well on Facebook and The Well on TikTok!


Get connected with Kayla Lively, the Health Coach by checking out her website, following her on Facebook or Instagram, or you can contact her by email at!