After receiving your Oklahoma MMJ Card in the mail, you might be thinking that’s great, but what now? Well now you can legally medicate in Oklahoma! But if you’re not sure how to legally medicate, or where to even get started, you might be in need of a Patient Care Consultation. A Patient Care Consultation is for new medical cannabis patients that are struggling to find their way in the Medical Cannabis market. A Patient Advisor will help guide patients on their journey with Medical Cannabis and are working to bridge the gap between patients and their medicine. They will work with Patients to formulate a health plan, educate on Medical Cannabis, work with patients on dosing, methods, and discuss all Medical Cannabis options available; as well as, answer questions and address the patient’s concerns.


Patient Advisor – Jennifer Hawkins

At Hawkeye Consulting, Patient Advising is the heart of what we do – Jennifer is amazing at helping Medical Cannabis Patients get started on their journey to health and healing. Our Patient Advisor, Jennifer Hawkins, has a heart for Medical Cannabis Patients. As a Hawkeye Patient, you can expect to be treated with love, respect, acceptance, and your privacy will be a priority.


Your Patient Care Consultation Appointment

After scheduling your appointment, Jennifer will work with you to create a treatment plan to address your health concerns. It will include information about nutrition, methods, dosing, providing a dispensary tour while discussing all available options, answer all your questions, and address any of your concerns.


How to Book a Patient Care Consultation

Reach out to our patient line at (301) 778-4295 [you can call or text] and ask to book a Patient Care Consultation. You will receive a $35 invoice and then once it is paid, we can schedule your appointment for the Patient Care Consultation!


Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash