UltraCur® Advanced – The Power of Three



  • 350MG UltraCur® Pro
  • 110MG Boswellia
  • 40MG UltraClaw

Three Modulators Three Pathways

Truly Breakthrough Efficacy

Balancing inflammation via one approach is great, but experiencing the synergy of three approaches is even greater! UltraCur-Pro, our New UltraClaw-Pro and Frankincense are combined in an all in one organic capsule for maximum effect.

UltraCur® Advanced is our newest formulation leveraging the POWER of THREE.

It is the first US product that has our professional grade LPS curcumin that is non dairy and is available through all of our sales channels.

UltraCur® Advanced  features dairy free, clinical strength LPS™ (Liquid Protein Scaffold) UltraCur®,  a new material called UltraClaw™, an LPS™ devils claw extract, widely studied for its benefits in balancing inflammation and pure Boswellia (frankincense).

Three powerful balancers of inflammation in one capsule utilizing our patented LPS technology.

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