UltraCur® Advanced – The Power of Three



  • 350MG UltraCur® Pro
  • 110MG Boswellia
  • 40MG UltraClaw

Three Modulators Three Pathways

Truly Breakthrough Efficacy

UltraCur-Pro, our New UltraClaw-Pro, and Frankincense are combined in an all-in-one organic capsule for maximum effect.

UltraCur® Advanced is our newest formulation leveraging the POWER of THREE.

It is the first US product that has our professional grade LPS curcumin that is non-dairy and is available through all of our sales channels.

UltraCur® Advanced  features dairy-free, clinical strength LPS™ (Liquid Protein Scaffold) UltraCur®,  a new material called UltraClaw™, an LPS™ devils claw extract, and pure Boswellia (frankincense).


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