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Getting Your Medical Marijuana Card

Do you need your oklahoma medical marijuana license?
 We offer a complete service!

Getting your Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Card involves getting a doctor’s recommendation from a qualified physician and completing the state OMMA application.


We are here to walk you through the entire process step by step because it is important to us that you actually get your Medical Marijuana Card. Therefore, we don’t just sell doctor’s recommendations or photos. Our goal is to provide you a complete service from the beginning all the way to the end. We will help you with everything and will watch over your application until we see that it is approved!

Total Cost is $189.30

The total cost includes your $104.30 state OMMA fee, Doctor Evaluation & Application and Upload Assistance.

Total Cost is $107.50

The total cost includes a $22.50 reduced state OMMA fee, Doctor Evaluation & Application and Upload Assistance.

Here is How the Process Works:

Click the blue button below to get started and complete the patient information form. We will then send you a medical form to complete, set up a video chat with a qualified physician, review your application and finally, submit your application to OMMA. We will guide you through the whole process.

Patient Care Consultations

What is a Patient Care Consultation?

So You Have Your Medical Card Now What?

New Medical Cannabis patients or patients that are struggling to find their way will want to find a Patient Advisor. A Patient Advisor will help guide patients on their journey with Medical Cannabis and are working to bridge the gap between patients and their medicine. They will work with Patients to formulate a health plan, educate on medical cannabis, work with patients on dosing, methods and discuss all medical cannabis options available, as well as, answer questions and address the patients concerns.


At Hawkeye Consulting, Patient Advising is the heart of what we do – Jennifer is amazing at helping Medical Cannabis Patients get started on their journey to health and healing. Our Patient Advisor, Jennifer Hawkins, has a heart for Medical Cannabis Patients. As a Hawkeye Patient, you can expect to be treated with love, respect, acceptance and your privacy will be a priority. At your appointment, Jennifer will work with you to create a treatment plan of your health concerns, including nutrition, methods, dosing, give you a dispensary tour discussing all available options, answer your questions and address your concerns.



Become Hawkeye HotSpot Partner 

Hawkeye HotSpots Provide Dispensaries with: 
Medical Marijuana Card Information Display 
Steps to get card, cost information and convenient QR code to start the process on a Laminated Instruction Sheet. 
Appropriate background for OMMA approved photos! 
24/7 advertising on our website on the MAP of Hawkeye HotSpots! 
INCREASE PATIENT BASE by providing a way for patients to get or renew their card — Your patients have to have a patient card to be your customers! And…When we have a patient that needs a little help with a photo, we will send them to a HotSpot location. 
GAIN PATIENT LOYALTY — Patients are loyal to dispos that help them with the process of getting their cards. 
EXCLUSIVE SERVICE – You will stand out – we will not put multiple hotspots in a single area. PARTNER with a TRUSTED BRAND